Are you stuck?

Whether you are just starting with your notary business or have been established for some time, we get overwhelmed and we can’t see “the forest for the trees!”

Moving forward with Cami will allow you to focus on a specific area. Whether marketing (especially in a small town), establishing further relationships with your clients, or just needing to chat, I will offer suggestions and the direction you need to see the beauty of the forest AND the trees!

Sessions are 25-minutes and run for $50 with a 15-minute follow-up later. You can also purchase a block of two sessions (50 minutes), for $90 with two 15-minute follow-up segments. For your convenience, you may book and pay right here! When signing up, please provide the specific area and question that you have so that we can dive right in!

This is not training for new notaries or coaching sessions; this is for you to concentrate on that one area so that you may move forward with your business.

Let’s MOVE FORWARD together!

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